Staying in an AirBnB on the 31st floor of a downtown Toronto highrise tonight. The pre-sunset view was mesmerizing.

True. Also, sadly, long gone: “There was a time where Twitter was a place you went to fuck around, and accidentally made friends and got smarter. It’s been years since I’ve felt smarter after being exposed to Twitter, but trust me, those days were real.”

Reading: “If your defense of women only exists in empty words, lofty hypotheticals—if you feel in any way comfortable or complacent in the fight to make the world safe for women, you are feeding the beast.” 📝

Reading: “What are we turning a blind eye to, in all aspects of our lives? What else have we accepted that, somewhere within us, we know is deeply unacceptable? And what now will we do about it?” 📝

Reading: “To express sympathy for bureaucrats is not to condone the system of public assistance they represent, but to acknowledge that it does not leave them unscathed either.” 📝

Reading: “People tell me to stop making things about race all of the time. But when you are not making things about race, you’re making them about whiteness all of the time.