🎧 Searching for a home after hate

The most recent episode of Code Switch, about Sunayana Dumala, absolutely wrecked me. Well worth a listen.

It gave voice to a fear that I think about every single day: what would life for L be like if I was gunned down for the way I look, for the person I am.

As a brown-skinned Muslim man in a continent where Islamophobia is rampant, the fear of being targeted because of who I am is palpable, every single day; the fear has embedded itself into my bones.

I don’t talk about I much, but it’s there, every time I wake up, every time I venture into public—especially in this city where the underlying racial animosity is evident and overt.

I wonder, sometimes, what would happen to L if someone were to target me, like they did Srinivas Kutchibotla; I worry about her life after such violence and loss.

These are not questions anyone should have to ask, not fears anyone should have. That they are fears I face, that so many face, every day, is a telling indictment on the world as we currently know it.

Anyways, all that to say: go listen to the Code Switch episode and prepare to be shaken up. Our world doesn’t have to be this way, but it sadly is.

Sameer Vasta @vasta