Sunny summer Sundays were meant for poolside gin & tonics, swimming in the pool, strolls in the park, ice cream sundaes, and endless amounts of laughter.

Reading: “Instead of ruthlessly abusing each weekday as if it is some blunt utilitarian instrument, what if we leveraged everything we had to make each day stand for itself?”

When my heart feels heavy, I find levity by writing letters to friends. This card, among others, is a ray of sunshine on a dark day.

Reading: “Men are trash; we need to listen to women when they flame us w/ the truth about ourselves. It’s only when shitty behaviors are confronted that true behavioral change begins to takes place.”

This evening, L and I decided to embrace our inner teenagers: we went bowling, ate fast food, watched a blockbuster movie in the theatres, and went glow-in-the-dark mini-golfing. An evening full of delight, laughter, and so much fun.

Reading: “We are ancestors. We are descendants. And while we can’t fix the problems of the past in the present, we can make sure that we break the patterns that formed those problems.”

July was a dry month; our lawn, like those of our neighbors, was tinged with beige no matter how much we watered the grass. Last night, the rain came, torrential, unrelenting, loud, almost frightening. I stared out the window and rejoiced at the majesty of the downpour.

Reading: “By keeping your book in one location each time, you free yourself from the distractions of a commute or the pounding waves of a beach. As a result, a strange new relationship forms, between you, the voice of the book, and the room.”