It’s long, but very worth reading: how to hire fake friends and family. “In Japan, you can pay an actor to impersonate your relative, spouse, coworker, or any kind of acquaintance.” photo challenge, day one: squares. Coasters and a cat toy on our coffee table.

Can’t seem to shake this overwhelming feeling of despair, today. Tomorrow will be a better day.

That video of the super smart kid in the airplane cockpit that went viral a little while ago? Etihad allowed him to be a pilot for a day. This video is amazing.

Sad to hear of the passing of Fats Domino; his music was a large part of my childhood.

This is a beautiful obituary in The Atlantic.

Less than 24 hours into our short DC trip and I’ve already eaten at Del Campo + A Baked Joint, caught up with an old friend, and explored the National Arboretum.

Never expected a Burger King ad about bullying to bring me to tears, but here we are.

Staying in an AirBnB on the 31st floor of a downtown Toronto highrise tonight. The pre-sunset view was mesmerizing.

I have forgotten how to write: “I have become used to dancing with the words of others; I have forgotten how to make my own music.”

True. Also, sadly, long gone: “There was a time where Twitter was a place you went to fuck around, and accidentally made friends and got smarter. It’s been years since I’ve felt smarter after being exposed to Twitter, but trust me, those days were real.”

Reading: “If your defense of women only exists in empty words, lofty hypotheticals—if you feel in any way comfortable or complacent in the fight to make the world safe for women, you are feeding the beast.” 📝

Reading: “What are we turning a blind eye to, in all aspects of our lives? What else have we accepted that, somewhere within us, we know is deeply unacceptable? And what now will we do about it?” 📝

Reading: “To express sympathy for bureaucrats is not to condone the system of public assistance they represent, but to acknowledge that it does not leave them unscathed either.” 📝

Going apple-picking is a yearly tradition for Lise and I. Today, we visited Great Lakes Farms and picked up some Ida Reds, Macintoshes, Courtlands, Empires, and a few Fuji apples too.

Coming home from the west coast with all the essentials: coffee beans, bagels, granola, and wine.

The UBC Museum of Anthropology has to be one of my favorite places in all of Vancouver.

On a short trip to the other side of the country right now, so I’ve been using ‘jet lag’ as my excuse for my weird sleeping habits recently.

If I may be allowed to covet for a moment: this history of hip-hop mapped out to the circuit diagram of a classic turntable is incredible.

This story, about the inspiration for Pixar’s Luxo Jr, is about more than an animated lamp: it’s about fatherhood, family, and love. And it will make you tear up a little, too.

Reading: “People tell me to stop making things about race all of the time. But when you are not making things about race, you’re making them about whiteness all of the time.