The first two days of the Labour Day weekend have been marked by visits from many friends, delicious meals (both out and at home—our pizza from scratch was a hit), shopping at the farmer’s market, and lots of swimming in the pool. Today, off to Toronto to visit the museum.

The Tree Alphabet was made by Katie Holten and was used in her book, About Trees, which features writing from Jorge Luis Borges, Charles Darwin, Ada Lovelace, Elizabeth Kolbert, and Robert Macfarlane.

Reading: “The reason why Hooters appeals to me so much is because by tailoring itself to heterosexual men, it has unwittingly created a space where female patrons can go to be invisible.”

There are many bad things about chronic back pain, but the occasional flare-ups that keep you awake for two nights in a row are among the worst.

Reading: “Cast iron balconies are at once bulky and intricate, their patterns tangled with flowers, leaves, and other motifs from nature. Wrought iron balconies tend to be simpler, but they make up in artistry what they lack in complexity.”

We ate very well this weekend (Hakka cuisine one night, schmaltz rice and Hainanese chicken another, and an octopus benedict for Sunday brunch) but the highlight was definitely this fresh burrata and poached Ontario peach dish. Still dreaming about it, today.

Reading: “Part of the problem is in the word ‘like,’ that little heart we tap ten thousand times a day. I like lots of things, so many things, but I am not guided by what I like.”

Reading: “Growing up, I knew there would be food on the table, in the fridge, a delicious, seemingly inexhaustible supply. For me, the act of cooking was to be about self-sufficiency, adulthood—not a reanimation of childhood.”