Spent the past two weeks reviewing about 400 resumes and phone screening over 30 people for one open position at work. Hard work, but I’m buoyed and inspired by the passion all the applicants have for public service and helping others.

Always on.

Spent the past three days teaching an executive education class on transformation and change in the public service. Even though I’m an extrovert, there’s still an exhaustion that comes from “being on” for eight hours a day, for three days straight—from not just being social, but being available, insightful, cheerful, and (hopefully) inspirational.

All I feel like doing for the next couple of days is spending some time alone, with my thoughts and my notebook, and recentering and recalibrating.

(This also reminded me of just how much I love teaching—despite the exhaustion—and how I’m actually pretty good at it. I used to teach adult education in the past; perhaps it’s time to re-explore opportunities to do that here, again.)

Today I got metric-system-shamed by my father.

L’s birthday weekend in Montreal has been lovely so far.

The kind of sunrise that reminds you to be grateful; carefully, slowly creeping above the horizon in bands of orange, red, and light blue, setting every tree and building in silhouette, quiet, still, waiting for you to realize just how majestic the world around you really can be.

Snow-globe-like snowfall outside the window this afternoon. Serene, calming.

Micro.blog photo challenge, day seven: visiting my parents’ home at sunset, a collection of shadows casting across the house as we have dinner together as the night approaches.

The people behind the amazing Atlas Obscura have launched Gastro Obscura, the “definitive guide to the world’s most wondrous food and drink.” Worth checking out.

Micro.blog photo challenge, day six: autumn is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but one is the gorgeous, seasonal changing colors of the leaves.

Every Apple You Eat Took Years and Years to Make: As a huge fan (and a bit of a connoisseur) of apples, one of my life dreams is to visit the Cornell Apple breeding program.

Micro.blog photo challenge, day five: my water bottle goes with me everywhere I go, so I can have my liquid refreshment all throughout the day.

Micro.blog photo challenge, day four: an up close look at the art in the graphic novel that I’m currently reading.

Micro.blog photo challenge, day three: I love strolling around the city; when possible, I walk to my destinations instead of driving or taking transit. When I’m on the move, my shoes and my feet are my ride.

Micro.blog photo challenge: day three: I love taking strolls around the city; when possible, I walk to my destinations instead of driving or taking transit. When I’m on the move, my shoes and my feet are my best tools.

This is gorgeous: “Certain kinds of dark allow us to be more at home with silence. An upped intimacy results. Night grows in November. In the long evenings, embrace the pause, the fertile quiet.”

Micro.blog photo challenge, day two: enjoying some tasty, local Concord grapes, and then making a tasty coulis out of some of them to drizzle on a freshly-baked lemon ricotta cake.

This is an incredible piece: The Digital Ruins of a Forgotten Future. “Second Life was supposed to be the future of the internet, but then Facebook came along.”