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“The greatest thing we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving.”

This trailer for a documentary about the man upon whom I’ve tried to model my entire life has me in tears.

Had a dream last night that I worked in a restaurant named “The Glass Poutinerie,” next door to a restaurant named “A Streetcar Named Deep-Fryer,” so now I know that even my dreamscape is not above really bad food- and literature-themed puns.

For ten years, I maintained a Tumblr where I posted thoughts, links, quotations, photos, and other things that piqued my interest.

I’ve been wondering how to use recently; I think resurrecting that micro-sharing space is what I’d like to do, here.

Opened Slack for work and felt a pang of longing for Game Neverending, which then made me long for the early years of Flickr, when I got a free Pro account by spending hours on the help (and other) forums, making new friends, helping people share their lives with the world.

Love this idea of “assimilation” food, of in-between food. And especially love this characterization of “fusion” cuisine:

“As a concept, fusion stinks of the imperialist instinct to civilize foreign cultures and rehabilitate them into respectability.”

Hearing Carey Mulligan scream, “where the f//k is Boca Raton,” is my television highlight of the year.

I never thought that a Buzzfeed quiz would get me (and my CRJ fandom) so well, but here we are.

Grandma has been in the hospital for two weeks now, and I finally got to spend a good few hours with her yesterday.

(As much as I love the town where we live, being far from family makes it much harder to be there when times are a bit rough.)

She’s doing much better now, but will probably be there for at least a few more days. Sad that I can’t be there with her much more often, but already planning on being there on Monday. Family time is important, to me.

My weekend reading list this week starts with a rumination on exhaustion, and ends with a call to action to go out and be astonished by something.

Prince isn’t about competition. Prince is about uniting people, making enough music that everyone has something to latch on to, and straddling the line between silly and serious so well that you never knew which one he was at any given moment.”

“If we hoard and hide what we love, we can still lose it. Only then, we are alone in loss.” I love this video about the broccoli tree.

The idea of “tender masculinity” is a beautiful one—I’d love to see more depictions of this kind of character in pop culture.

Stephen Hawking may have changed the world with his science, but he changed my life by helping me find my voice to challenge the system and speak the truth.

There are many wonderful lessons and nuggets of wisdom in this post by Sara Hendren, but this quote about staying awake is my absolute favorite.

🍷 Just re-cataloged our wine collection and realized that 50%+ of our bottles come from just four wineries: Five Rows, Stratus, Norman Hardie, Charles Baker.

At the airport, ready to head home after a wonderful weekend full of art, exploration, and endless amounts of delicious seafood. Thanks for the hospitality, Boston.

🎧 Searching for a home after hate

The most recent episode of Code Switch, about Sunayana Dumala, absolutely wrecked me. Well worth a listen.

It gave voice to a fear that I think about every single day: what would life for L be like if I was gunned down for the way I look, for the person I am.

As a brown-skinned Muslim man in a continent where Islamophobia is rampant, the fear of being targeted because of who I am is palpable, every single day; the fear has embedded itself into my bones.

I don’t talk about I much, but it’s there, every time I wake up, every time I venture into public—especially in this city where the underlying racial animosity is evident and overt.

I wonder, sometimes, what would happen to L if someone were to target me, like they did Srinivas Kutchibotla; I worry about her life after such violence and loss.

These are not questions anyone should have to ask, not fears anyone should have. That they are fears I face, that so many face, every day, is a telling indictment on the world as we currently know it.

Anyways, all that to say: go listen to the Code Switch episode and prepare to be shaken up. Our world doesn’t have to be this way, but it sadly is.

From Why Trying New Things Is So Hard to Do:

Experimentation is an act of humility, an acknowledgment that there is simply no way of knowing without trying something different.

This quotation from Tears We Cannot Stop stopped me in my tracks:

“The police car is a mobile plantation, and the siren is the sound of dogs hunting us down in the dark woods.”

📚 I wrote a rumination on the book here.

📚 Books I read in February