Sameer Vasta

Just logged into Skype for the first time in over two years and realized I have no clue how to use it anymore.

Home, sleeping in my own bed, and not going anywhere for a little while; been a long couple of weeks on the road, ready to stay in one place for a couple of weeks. Now, tea and books then sleep. Good night!

There are many things to happy about today, but the most important thing to be thankful for right now is the impending arrival of Alphonso mango season.

After two weeks away for work and seriously missing home (and also absolutely exhausted), I landed at the airport, walked to the parking lot, and found my car with two slashed tires. Not quite the homecoming I anticipated. 🙁

New goal: fewer meetings in boardrooms, more meetings in gondolas and outside on mountaintops.

Incredibly thankful for many things and many people today. Will write more about that soon, but for now, just putting some gratitude out there in the world.

There are few things as magical as watching the sun set behind the mountains. Wish I didn’t have to leave so soon.

sunrise at the airport terminal

tired eyes widening as golden light begins to creep through the windows

providing some respite from the harshness of neon buzzing bulbs above

a flurry of activity as sleepy travelers rush to crowd into tubes

flying into the emerging brightness

Picked up a copy of Reza Aslan’s Zealot to read this weekend—figured it was appropriate for Easter—and I’m already shocked by just how little I knew about the real story of Jesus and his life. Captivating read so far. 📚

Included this little cartoon in my most recent “weekend reading” post because it’s a good reminder as we head into April.

That feeling of panic when you can’t find your housekeys anywhere and you’ve retraced all your steps and still can’t find them.

Lots of talk about that Wired article on RSS recently; curious if it’s worth re-exploring my setup right now. (Using Feedwrangler to manage my subs, Reeder to consume them.)

Worth switching to something better, more consolidated, full functioned, easier? Better management tool, reading app? I don’t mind paying more to switch to something that works better…

The new renovations to the NAC are really nice. Happy to have been able to spend two full days in the gorgeous space.

“If we want to see a change in the diversity of our companies, we have to start including assignments in our diversity initiatives.” This idea of how to use work assignments to create a more equitable workplace has been deeply on my mind, recently.

The transition from “young and excited public servant” to “middle-career public servant who mentors young and excited public servants” happens slowly, then all at once. Love that I’ve found a community of people who are passionate about making things better, though.

At the Policy Community Conference today to host a salon series talking about some timely issues:

  • gender-based policy
  • two-eyed seeing
  • policy experimentation
  • ethics and morals in policy
  • designing inclusive cities

And more! Please do come say hi if you’re in Ottawa.

📚🎞 I take notes when I read books and watch movies. Sometimes, I share those notes, my collected marginalia. Recently:

This piece by Ijeoma Oluo is one of the best and realest pieces I’ve read about white entitlement and supremacy:

How much promise is there in a life where you are told that all you have to do is exist in order to inherit a kingdom?

Young people are truly going to change the world. So inspired and thankful to be here to join and support them, today. #MarchForOurLives

Pretty sure Lee Unkrich delved into my soul, found things that tug at my heartstrings most—my closeness to my family, my relationship with my grandmother, my love of music (and making music)—and then made a movie about those things that will make me cry for days. So beautiful.